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Agriculture is a crucial element in Claiborne County's economic development. Area farmers grow hay, corn, soybeans, cotton and wheat, but by far the largest crop is timber. With 311,000 forested acres, seventy-one percent of the county's land area, Claiborne County is one of Mississippi's leading hardwood producers. It is also the sixth highest poultry producer in the state.

Agriculture is strongly ingrained in the economy and culture of Claiborne County. Eighty-seven percent of the farms are controlled and operated by individuals or families, and economic trends show signs of continuing strength in this regard. As the average age of Claiborne County farmers has dropped in the last few years, net returns on agricultural sales have been increasing, thirty-five percent alone between 1992 and 1997.

These trends indicate a bright agricultural future for the region. This segment of the economy promises to play a pivotal role in the continuing economic vitality of Port Gibson and Claiborne County.

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